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JRC Data Policy

The work on the JRC Data Policy followed the task identified in the JRC Management Plan 2014 to
develop a dedicated data policy to complement the JRC Policy on Open Access to Scientific
Publications and Supporting Guidance, and to promote open access to research data in the context
of Horizon 2020.

Important policy commitments and the relevant regulatory basis within the European Union and the
European Commission include: the Commission Decision on the reuse of Commission documents, 1
Commission communication on better access to scientific information 2 , Commission communication
on a reinforced European research area partnership for excellence and growth 3 , Commission
recommendation on access to and preservation of scientific information, 4 and the EU
implementation of the G8 Open Data Charter. 5
The objectives for adopting and implementing the JRC Data Policy include:

  • Share and use data on the basis of the JRC Open Data principles: fully, freely, openly and timely;
  • Establish a transparent mechanism to restrict access to data when sharing them on the basis of the JRC Open Data principles is impossible;
  • Provide a coordinated approach to the acquisition of data by the JRC;
  • Facilitate management, broaden access and use of the JRC data;
  • Reinforce goals of Horizon 2020;
  • Support EU implementation of the G8 Open Data Charter;
  • Continuously support evidence-based decision making and research;
  • Ensure that JRC data are made available through the EU Open Data Portal.

For a successful implementation process, the JRC Data Policy lays down implementation principles
with respect to responsible entities, overall implementation guidelines, and their individual
elements like data management plans, as well as the monitoring of its implementation.

1 2011/833/EU of 12 December 2011.
2 COM (2012) 401.
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